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A term relative to "Fucking shit up".

To "fuck shit up"
To completely and utterly destroy something.
"To hartzog"
To decimate

Bob: "Holy shit! What happened to Karen's face?"
Jane: "Idk, but it looks like somebody hartzogged her with a ball ping hammer."


Jon: "Did you see the 20 car pileup on the interstate this morning?"
Billy: "Yeah, I think a few of the victims were hartzogged pretty badly."

by King Monty July 27, 2009
1) Abbreviation for the non-profit organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Hedgehog.

This organization was started in 2009 when many concerned people began to notice more and more Hedgehogs being mistreated, beaten, punted, tortured, and made fun of, a lot.

2)Slang term for a street drug made of many common household cleaning chemicals that "makes you totally retarded dude!"
Some biologists believe all Hedgehogs to be "born with a fucked up brain" which is why the drug name was taken as a spoof of the non-profit Hedgehog protection organization P.E.T.H.
Tommy:Hey is that a Hedgehog?!?

Angry Bob: Fuck Hedgehogs!!!

Tommy: No Bob!! Don't do it!

Angry Bob: *Punt*
(Hedgehog flies into a wall)

Tommy: That's it! I'm calling P.E.T.H. !!


Sam: Hey dude, what do you feel like doing tonight?

Eric: blaaaauuuuuuuhhhhh, uuuhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmuuuuhhh...........

Sam: Goddammit! Have you been smoking PETH again?!?
by King Monty January 05, 2010

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