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A delicious flavour berry only grown in the willy wonka factory, dead dead yummy.
Hey, you want one of my wonka beans? You can have a snozberry one?
hell yeah!
by King Loz September 01, 2003
Penal code for police units to report to a homacide
David six avalible units please respond to a 187 on 51 st
by king loz May 26, 2006
is not as nice as my bum. yours is hairy.
Look, my bums smoooooooth, your has hair, and i think thats shavers rash?
by King Loz September 01, 2003
A homsexual individual with apauling footballing skills (tends to do too many pass-backs). Often has many realtions, allthough very few are brothers, sisters, aunts, the majority of all relations tend to be uncles. Curly wurlys often have unreasonably large afro's making them terrible to sit behind in cinemas. Another characteristic of the curly wurly is its love of all MEAT products. Vulnerable to only three things: Vegetables, Manchester United insults and members of the Female species.
"Get lost curly wurly"
by King Loz June 04, 2003

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