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The result of 5 full-grown men farting in a jar, saving it, then smelling it a year later; The act of farting in a room with a ghost, forcing the ghost to use the "fart energy" to assume a human form; joining the military and setting the record for "the most consecutive years as a Private First-Class." The ability to wear the same clothes until you become one with your wardrobe; The result of performing the "2 girls 1 cup" act with a gang of Hodgies; The ability to smell worst than shit and honestly think its OK; The act of selling your soul to Satan in exchange for "World of Warcraft" gold.
Burroughs was my fucking roommate! OMG!
by King Kupp September 01, 2008
Faggit; one who seeks enjoyment (consisting primarily of long nights of chronic masturbation) by ruining the lives of 17 year olds; An extreme optomist, talking only of the brightest sides of the armed forces (i.e. College money that you won't have time to use and traveling (which means traveling to other countries to work long hours that would normally be illegal in the U.S.); Syn. Fag, Faggit, Tranny, Booty Juice Drinker, Deep throat representative.
"Your dad's a recruiter? Ha, Ha! Faggit!"
by King Kupp September 01, 2008

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