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15 definitions by King Kong

A holy dude witha cool hat and bullet-proff golf cart
I like the pope, the pope smokes dope.
by King Kong December 21, 2003
2562 750
1. The name of Ben Stiller's Character in the movie "Meet the parents"
2. Slang for "Hey you, homo"
Me: "Hey, dude, DUDE...Gaylord Focker!!!"
you: Dederp???
by King Kong December 15, 2003
110 32
1.n. A woman's womb.
2.n. A vagina.
Yo homie, her baby box was tight as schiznit.
by King Kong December 16, 2003
25 4
The act of pulling out of vaginal intercourse and engaging in imprumptu and brief anal intercourse and yelling "Surprise!!!"
Tom was getting it on with sue when he suddenly pulled out, shoved it in her a$$ and yelled "Surprise!!!" He never saw sue again.
by King Kong June 18, 2003
47 26
a girl who flirts with everyone, makes you think shes commited to you, but has half a dozen other boyfriends you don't know about. A cocktease or cock tease. AKA BB.
It's really too bad that you got burnt by that backdoor bitch.
by King Kong March 06, 2004
19 9
moron, idiot
you fucking nob rash
by King Kong July 06, 2003
15 5
The button that the sound guy pushes when the band pisses him off. See also Suck knob.
singer: Dude, I have to be louder than the other guys...I have bigger hair
Sound guy: Shut the hell up (pushes suck button)
by King Kong December 15, 2003
11 5