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1 definition by King James aka Brooklyn Repper

One of the poorest & least talented "rappers" in the game...he is not the best nor will he EVER be the best..that crown is held by Jay-Z...can't rhyme while sober(needs cocaine, heroine, xtc, weed etc to rap) uses ghost writers...started as a dirty south lame now trying to be a up north cat...every1 needs to hop off his dick becuz his rhymes make no sense..listen to a verse...also kisses men
(So wack)I'm a vanerial disease, menstual bleed-Lil Wayne
(Crack)ya talkin to the author/the architect of the blueprrint/my dna's in ya muzik/muthafucka you stupid/--Jay-Z the King
by King James aka Brooklyn Repper December 08, 2008