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i need to talk.
woman: "we need to talk."
man: 'shit!'
by King Gabey March 21, 2004
The act of hitting all the requisite balls during a billiards game in one turn to win.
Doing it on one's first turn on the table is to doing it any other time in the game is as getting a royal flush is to getting a straight flush in poker.
We were hill hill and I didn't get anything on the break and the rat bastard ran the table on me.
by King Gabey March 25, 2004
1. to rob somebody
2. someone's face
3. an idiot
That mug went and got caught mugging some jogger. At least he look good in his mugshots..
by king gabey August 10, 2004
The position of needing only one more game to win a set of pool.
It's a race to 5, and I'm up 4-2. I can see him sweating cuz I'm on the hill.
by King Gabey March 25, 2004
1. The best show in the whole wide world.
2. A half hour panacea for the having-a-bad-day-blues.
I watched Most Extreme Elimination Challenge and my day got brighter.
by King Gabey March 22, 2004
When both opponents in a pool set need to win one more game to win the set.
There we were playing race to 5, and I was up 4-3 so I was on the hill. He won the next game to make it hill hill. Then he broke, didn't get anything on the break and had to watch me run the table to win. Now he owes me drinks for a month. Bwahahahaha!
by King Gabey March 24, 2004

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