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A type of computer which is being used while seated on the throne in the thunderbox. See also squat and surf.
MSN posting: "No, I have the webcam switched off; I'm using my craptop..."
by King Drax May 30, 2010
A deodorant that makes you smell worse than if you hadn't used it
Hoo, your husband smells pretty ripe today!
Well, he used something this morning....perhaps it's a new B.O.dorant he's got or something?
by King Drax December 11, 2010
An after-dinner game where diners take it in turns to shout out swear words, in clockwise order around the table. Similar to a 'Mexican Wave' at sports events, but using swear-words instead of standing up.
(at dinner party) Bob: Mexican Tourette! Bastard!
Mike: Shit!
Celia: Twat!
Linda: Wanker!
Bob: Asshole!

etc...repeat ad nauseam....
by King Drax March 26, 2010
A person who is such a wuss that he can only act all bolshie and tough by text message, but not by phone and most certainly not face-to-face
He's having a go at me by text message again. What a text coward!
by King Drax May 21, 2012
Vomiting up something that looks like dog food.

Kind of like being sick normally, but when examined it's full of meaty chunks. And probably marrowbone jelly.

Named after the eponymous dogfood brand.
Jeez, Dude, I don't know what I ate last night but I was blowing SuperChunks until the early hours!
by King Drax November 24, 2010
An unpleasant, sticky brown substance used to glue leaves, grit and grass clippings to the underside of someone's shoe. Like its blue-coloured namesake, it is most easily picked up, (sadly only by conscientious dog owners), by rolling another piece of brown-tack from the same pile over it. Dog dirt.
Hey, buddy, what's that smell? Dang, someone must have stood in some brown-tack!
by King Drax July 24, 2010

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