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The english translation of "codo" which means elbow. "Codo" in Spanish means someone who is cheap.
Hector: Hey Noe, let me get a quarter for the bus.

Noe: Nah man, lets just walk it, its only an hour.

Hector: Sorry Mr. Elbow, I'll just meet you over there.
by King Cobra XX September 10, 2010
A drink that is not really a drink. It's a drink that was created on the moment with whatever liquor are available. It's only a Martini by definitions because its served on a stem glass.
Sergio: Hey man. What the fuck is in this martini?

Weaksauce: IDK man, I just mixed whatever liquors we had left over.

Sergio: I can't even taste the vermouth faggot. This some Hector Martini.
by King Cobra XX September 10, 2010

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