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A combination of Predictable and Ridiculous. When you know the outcome of a situation or event before it actually unfolds.
Alchoholic Friend: "I'm only drinking 3 shots out of this bottle."

12 hours later...

Alchoholic Friend: (Phone call) " My bail is $500, can you spot me?"

You: "Totally Prediculous!! Yes, I'll bail you out, jerk."
by King CJK December 12, 2010
The ultimate definition of a simile. This statement puts a humorous spin on describing a Homosexual.
Associtate 1: "You see that girl in the Cafe has a mohawk now?"

Associate 2: "That's a chick?"

Associate 1: "You know, the one Straight As a Mountain Pass?"

Associate 2: "Gothcha."
by King CJK December 12, 2010
The (3) Three S's are Shit, Shower, Shave. This is the mandatory routine before a night out. This regimen applies to both sexes.
Friend: "There's some people at TGI Fridays, you wanna roll?"

You: "Yeah, I gotta pull the ol' Triple S Maneuver, give me 30."
by King CJK December 12, 2010

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