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Similar to a Sausage Fest. It is when you are at a party and the guys outnumber the girls at least 4 to 1.
Zack: "Lets get out of this place, there are no girls here"
Mitch: "Yeah this place is a huge dick rub, lets bounce"
by King Bossman April 06, 2010
Similar to the "freshman 20". It is when a girl who was really hot goes off to college and when she comes home for summer break you immediately notice that her ass has completely exploded. Eating dorm food every day made her gain a ton of weight. On top of that, all the dorm parties, guzzling beer and late night snacks can only lead to one thing...a huge ass...Dorm Ass!
Zack: " hey Mitch did you see Ashley's since she came home from school?"
Mitch: "Yeah dude, she has a major case of Dorm Ass. It is huge!"
by King Bossman April 06, 2010
A woman who has that slutty/sexy look who as soon as you look at her, you know that she likes it on all fours...you can just tell she loves it doggy style, hence the name a dog woman. Dog woman tend to confident with their bodies and just want it hard.
The best celebrity example is Gwen Stefani. She is not the hottest girl out there, but you can tell in one second that she loves doggy style...maybe even begs for it.
Mitch: "Hey Zack check out that girl at the other end of the bar drinking the apple martini. She looks naughty."
Zack: "Dude, she is definitely a dog woman, no doubt about it."
by King Bossman March 25, 2010
A game commonly played in frats during initiation. It is when all of the pledges form a circle around a freshly baked biscuit or muffin. They begin to perform a circle jerk (also known as a C.J.) and they have to ejaculate onto the biscuit. They last one to blow his load has to eat the biscuit covered in man juice. This is basically the biggest reason I did not join a frat in college. A close secong was the fact that it is commonly known that 95% of frat members are latent homosexuals.
Did you hear what Mitch had to do during hazing? They made him play sailors biscuit with the other pledges and he had to eat the biscuit. That sounds really gay.
by King Bossman April 06, 2010
When your cock feels just perfect while inside a nice wet pussy. It is basically the perfect fit for your specific cock, inside that specific pussy
Mitch: "I banged that girl Kim last night and she had the most perfect pussy"
Zack: "Looks like you found the perfect cock fit. Stick with it"
by King Bossman March 25, 2010
The type of girl who wants some "man meat" so bad that she will do anything for it. A meat monster stops at nothing to get hard cock as soon as possible.
Mitch: "Yo Zack check out that girl, she looks like she is begging to get fucked"
Zack: "That is a true meat monster, and I'm gonna give it to her!"
by King Bossman March 25, 2010
When a girl gets fucked real hard doggy style and then the guy never speaks to her again. This is similar to a dog woman, but basically any drunk girl runs the risk of being dogged out on any given night.
Mitch: "Zack, did you fuck Kim last night"
Zack: "Yeah dude, she got dogged out hard, it was money"
by King Bossman March 25, 2010
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