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4 definitions by King Boogernose III


-slang term referring to the male sexual reproductive organs

-in most cases, it is the equivelant of 'ballsack', 'nutsack', 'sack', 'bag', 'beanpack', or any other term referring to the scrotum and it's contents.
In a fit of rage, Karen kicked Allan in his bolpak.

As a practical joke, Ryan suprised Adam by arranging his bolpak to look like a brain.

The little children laughed at the old man's massive bolpak.
by King Boogernose III August 13, 2009
6 1
1) to partake in the consumption of alcohol for the purpose of becoming recreationally intoxicated

2) to have sexual relations with another person for fun
- Hey man, you trying to get saucy tonight?

- If you could get saucy with any professional golfer, who would it be?

- Dude, if you were paid $20,000, would you get saucy with John Goodman?
by King Boogernose III October 03, 2010
7 4

- to slide your penis past the vagina during sexual intercourse and thrust it violently in and out of the unassuming female rectum.
Hey Barbara, do you mind if i slip the jam-snapper this time?

Bro, if you were a chick, I'd totally slip you're jam-snapper.
by King Boogernose III September 29, 2009
5 3

-the act of intercourse between a male and female when the female has a tampon in place and the male 'bulldozes' it up into the female's gastro-intestinal system.
Even though she was on her period, Chantel made Shakook bulldoze the tampon out of the way and get that shit flowing.

Even though it was done gently, bulldozing caused Sharon's lungs to burst and she died instantly.

Needless to say, bulldozing takes the life of millions every year.
by King Boogernose III September 29, 2009
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