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When you have sex in the doggystyle position but the male is laying down on top of the female instead of kneeling behind her while she is kneeling and bent over. Almost like missionary but with the female laying face down.
Female: Do me from behind! NOW!
Man: Okay, but my legs are tired! We gotta do it Lazy Dog Style.
by King Bologna May 15, 2009
The act of sex while one or both participants hangs from an object such as a pipe. It is very difficult to achieve sex while both participants are hanging, so I advise that it is done while only one person is hanging.
Man 1: I picked up my girlfriend last night while we were having sex, she grabbed a piped and hang on while I did her.
Man 2: Oh dude! You did it Monkey Style?!
by King Bologna May 16, 2009
A type of food served at McDonalds that is made out of an Irish Chicken. It is common to get a hangover after eating too many McNuggets due to the high alcohol content.
I shouldn't have eaten all of those McNuggets, I'm as drunk as a skunk!
by King Bologna May 16, 2009

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