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The art of spinning one's penis through the propulsion caused by ejaculating, whilst the penis is not erect.
The Sticky Helicopter
A person must begin masturbating, orgasm, but somehow retain the semen held within their penis until it is no longer erect. Once it is no longer erect, they release, hopefully forcing their penis to spin around in a circular motion.
by King Bobo September 15, 2009
The art of projecting a 'cone' using solely the power of one's semen when ejaculating. A 'cone' can typically be formed using a rolled up piece of paper into the shape of a cone, but more advanced users have been known to have used cloth, cardboard and even, in some more extreme cases, scrap metal.
Boy: Oh yeah, this is going to make a great snowcone!
*Rolls circular piece of paper into cone-like shape and places it upon his penis, begins masterbating and ejaculates, sending the cone flying into the air*
Girl: Ow! You just snowconed me in the eye!
by King Bobo September 24, 2009

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