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The dankest of the dank, marijuana with a very high thc content (one hit quit shit is usually around 19-20% thc). Thus you don't need to smoke more than one hit to be really high.
White Widow, Black Russian, and Matanuska Thunderfuck are all strains that qualify (if properly grown and cured) as official one hit quit shit!
by King Barley January 30, 2007
male nipples (generally) that have large or abnormal areolas. unpleasant to look at and necessary to call attention to amongst one's friends.
haha ew greg you've got some puddy nipples, put those things away before i puke.
by king barley April 06, 2009
A dark colored roach with a rather high pitched voice and is capable of sub-par rap.
She get on back of that motorbike, and all you see is back on that motorbike. - lil boosie
by King Barley January 30, 2007

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