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The word is pretty obvious. If you own yourself.
It's actually making a comment that makes yourself look stupid.
Usually used on forums.
Yesterday I forgot my girlfriend's name, and she dumped me.
Oh my God, that's so self-owned
#self #own #owned #selfowned #selfown
by King Alcohol May 12, 2006
Forum abbreviation for: 'You Just Pulled A Mexican'. Used as a comment to say someone that tried to be funny wasn't at all. It's said it originated on a forum, in a convo between two respected users.
Sources tell their usernames were Shadow and Pop.
It was also said that if anyone used it against the two creators, they would automaticly be declared 'self-owned'
User1: God, I don't know what to say..
User2: Then just type it
User3: OMG YJPAM -_-
#pulled #mexican #ypam #pam #jpam
by King Alcohol May 09, 2006
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