41 definitions by King

in referance to paint the walls, your paint brush is your penis
after a few hours of painting my brush was getting a little worn out
by king April 24, 2004
3 homies who live according to the elements of the Teet code, 'B be B'.
If you can't live without your wife, you can't live the 2 Teet' life!
by King February 03, 2005
refferring to anything disliked
-we have a paper due tomorrow
-that sux a dick on a bun!
by king September 23, 2004
a weapon in the military
the platoon was firing the wquad automatic weapon
by king November 12, 2003
in referance to paint the walls the palate is a chicks pussy in which you dip the brush(penis) into
after hours of painting my brush needed some more paint when a palate came along i was ready to go for longer
by king April 24, 2004
The King
Bow down to Kwok
by King May 11, 2003
a mix of to words nipple and ring
give us a look at your ning
by king February 18, 2003

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