41 definitions by King

The world's best spader and scorer ... in his own mind.
Wasai has been moving a lot of dirt with his bulldozer, but why is there no action yet?

See Lim for the world record in scoring!!!
by King May 20, 2003
the mix of two words shit and house
that movie was shouse
by KING February 17, 2003
(a) ignorant, moronic, stubborn and foolish
Haha, Charles got 15/100 on his exam, he's such a gifin.
by king June 28, 2003
the founder of mistapista.com
WOBURN C.I. student
by KING October 15, 2003
a cracka ass- biatch who always be rockin' the weave afta getting her hair asymmetrically cut at Bumble and Bumble
Yo girl you got so many weaves you like Weavie Wonder
by king August 07, 2003
muthafuckas whop fuck it up the asshole
and ija ja pankja!


i love SPANDEWX!
by King February 02, 2004
nine millimeter bullet
Sent a 9 ball spining his way
by King November 17, 2003

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