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The best SNES game ever. A boy named Ness and his friends go out to save the world from aliens and beat up the fathead Pokey Minch (but the little fatty runs away 'cuz he's scared).
EarthBound is the best. Who knew a dog can type?
#ness #paula #jeff #poo #giygas
by King, Ness's dog August 17, 2007
An enemy in the SNES game EarthBound. This tree-hugging freak has 87HP and sometimes drops freakin' rulers. Th
Ness tried PSI Rockin' Omega!
Holy crap! 999HP damage to the New Age Retro Hippie!
Whoa, who knew it could hit that high?
#earthbound #ness #psi rockin #mother 2 #hippies
by King, Ness's dog August 17, 2007
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