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A motorcycle club that was originated by 2 brothers in New Jersey in 2006 and grew to have Chapters in Florida, Texas and New York within 2 years.its sole purpose was for a new era of motorcyclist who enjoy the ride with an unorthodox method in motorcycle clubbing, its own way of bringing people together. Its more than just a club, its a family of brothers and sisters by choice that share the same will and love to ride. They share the same cockiness in life and carry on as rulers of there surrounding rhelm "street" and for that have taken the name ass Street Kingz. They have events that take place ever so often as a family and are into putting and helping out the community. Continues to grow and coming to a city near you.
Street Kingz Motorcycle Club
Street Kingz MC
#street kings #kings #street #kingz #king
by King of Kingz September 24, 2008
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