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Any phrase or changing of a word or object in the southern USA.
Ain't is a southernism or "Is not" or "isn't."
by King Kong December 21, 2003
Cunt gunge emmitted at high velocity
S Hetherton spladged all over the walls
by King Kong December 02, 2004
A southern pronunciation of the word Joint.
1. Lets make sure to caulk that there jrrrrnt so it aint gonna leak.
2. Hey bubba, yawnna smoke a jrrrrnt?
by King Kong December 16, 2003
Death Metal translation for Love.
Gurrrrrrg...(loud guitars)...Grooooorg...(Loud Drums)...Rooooaaarrrrr
by King Kong December 15, 2003
The knob that the sound guy thrns when the band pisses him off. see also suck button.
Band guy: "Dude, My Cowbell is more important than the lead guitar, it needs to be louder"

Sound Guy: "Fuck you, asshole"...then turns the suck knob to 11.
by King Kong December 15, 2003
The old crazy white dude that was waving a gun at me from his car. What a jack hole.
The old cracker ass cracker better be lucky I didnt have a bigger gun.
by King Kong December 15, 2003
A po-dunk college in Alabama
I went to TSU, and didn't get an education, but I do have this weird itch.
by King Kong December 16, 2003

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