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used to discribe being very cold outside.
also can be used with "fuckin" to add emphasis, like

"Dude, it's burr-fuckin-jangles out there."
It was burrjangles with no coat.
by Kineticon November 13, 2004
taken from bill the cat from bloom county, meaning whatever you want it to mean.

"it smells like like ick-ack in here."
"that girl's ass is fuckin ick-ack after who she's been with."
by Kineticon November 13, 2004
a noun i use to discribe someone who is shady, scandalous, and dirty, either mentally, sexually, or physically. Also could be a bum or someone who is broke down and dirty, grovelling out.
That grimewigger was trying to steal my shit!

I saw this grimewigger on the bus jerking off.
by Kineticon November 13, 2004
A Indo-Chinese slang term for smoking crystal meth
Let's get some bukbuk and stay up all night.
by Kineticon November 13, 2004
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