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A sister who trys to empower you everyday to show you whos the boss of the entire house by making you feel bad even when you try to not piss her off and have done nothing wrong, she still manages to pull you down
Example 1:
Me: Using the home computer...
Tyrant: Can I use the computer?
Me: Yup
Alternate answer
Me: No
Tyrant: Slaps you hard on the back, you fucking bitch!
Example 2:
Me: On the bus and receives a call
Tyrant: Why didn't you wait for me?
Me: We said bye on the phone how did I know I was suppose to wait for you?
Tyrant: Hangs up, ignores you at home for the whole day..
All true stories, Ugh I can't stand her anymore..
by Kindperson December 28, 2008
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