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3 definitions by KinFreon

To lose sanity and go on a rampage (shooting or otherwise) on people (guilty and innocent alike) in a larger group after the larger group has caused you stress, pain, and discomfort that leads to your loss of sanity. See also wordpostalword
The constant bullying of the preppies and jocks have caused him to pick up his AK-47 and go Columbine on everyone.
by KinFreon May 19, 2003
A type of mint made by ifive brands of Seattle, Washington, and primarily sold in the Northwest United States. Penguin mints set themselves apart from other mints (such as Altoids) by being made with pharmaceutical-grade caffeine. Three Penguin mints have the same caffeine content as one glass of cola.
Man, I'm gonna need to pop some Penguins if I'm gonna party tonight!
by KinFreon June 01, 2003
Shorthand speech for a cellular phone made by Motorola.
Shit, dawg! My Moto be blowin yp!
by KinFreon September 17, 2003