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Verb: to milk all the enjoyment from an activity by doing it many times to the point of near-obsession. For example, to play a favored song over and over. This unusual verb, a corruption of the noun 'widget', resulted from the following statement:

"When I enjoy a certain song/book/game/widget, I tend to listen/read/play/widge the shit out of it."

This lead to the phrase 'to widge the shit out of,' which later gave way to simply 'to widge.'
"Later, guys. I'm going to go widge the shit out of that new Neil Gaiman novel."


"Hey, have you played Super Mario Bros 3 yet?"
"Not yet. I'm still widging Legend of Zelda."
"For Christ's sake, man, you've played that goddamned game sixty-seven times. What the hell is this, 1987?"
by Kimic September 24, 2006
One who sucks buses. Used as a general insult. Coined by 2 the Ranting Gryphon.
"Hey, suckbus! Turn off your fucking cell phone!"
by Kimic May 04, 2004

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