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a mixture of the indie, hippie, and rock lifestyle. It's not well known, because this person must naturally be a hippie/indie/rocker at heart without following a set of guidelines on how to be an indhippie rocker.

hippie=for peace,loves nature,occasionally ganja,festivals,camping,cleaning up parks voluntarily..etc of that nature. =D

indie=listens to bands most people never heard of,shops at thrift stores,modifies clothes,mix match clothes, and does not care what people think about them,trendsets,lots of indie cred, mann

rocker=listens to all types of rock regardless of genre,goes to shows,occasionally starts or joins a mosh and crowd surfs for the adrenaline,sometimes plays and instrument or is in a band of some sort,party,drinks, life life like it's the last day,tattoos,piercings,definitely not caring what you think,

after all it's rock n' roll.
generic person: "hey i like your style, where did you get it from?"

indhippie rocker: "well it's the not just the music i listen to, it's also the lifestyle that comes with it man."

generic person: "sweet, i wish i had that inner ability and creativity!"
by Kimbolo Kumiko Shimizu November 29, 2006
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