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to bury ones face in some giant jugs and shake your face back and fourth while blowing out, and making a hubababa sound.
Man look at that rack!
yeah i'd motor boat them jugs all night long!
by kimbo April 24, 2006
the coolest kind of peole on the face of the earth!
"im a drummer" **all bow down to ultra asomely coolness**
by kimbo June 29, 2003
abbreviation for "get some pussy." Can also be used in question form.
Mike: Yeah i went to that party last night.
Ben: sweet, GSP?
Mike: No, turns out they dont even serve drinks at Bingo at the old Folks' Home...
by kimbo April 12, 2006
what king aurthor and his brave knights (bedivere, galahad, robin, and lancalot)
Bridge keeper : what is ur quest?
knight : i seek the holy grail!
by kimbo June 29, 2003
Mordecai Peter Centennial "Three Finger" Brown -- World famous baseball player at the dawn of the twentieth century. Known for his elite pitching by a farm machinery accident which left his right hand with a severed iskills, despite being handicapped index finger, and mangled others.
Brian: Man, this is the worst day ever...i missed the bus this morning, failed my math test, and i have to go to prom this weekend....

Hartzog- well you know what they say: ...Three Finger Brown!
by Kimbo May 07, 2007

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