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One of the best player from the FPS game Sudden Attack, he has been in many pro-gaming clans such as z`Trophy and BattleZone. SurreaL is also known as a professional gamer in the game "WarRock", known as the leader/founder of the clan "Team SurreaL", which used to be ranked first in America.

He is currently playing a racing game called Drift City.

Major Teams:
- Team H4X (h4x) --- WarRock
- ReDemption (ReD) --- WarRock
- Very Important Players (*VIP*) --- WarRock
- Synergy (.sYn.) --- WarRock
- SurreaL (.SuR.) --- WarRock
- chaOs (chaOs) --- CoD2
- Z`trophy (Z`T) --- SuddenAttack
- BattleZone (bz.) --- SuddenAttack
Guy #1: Hey, who is SurreaL?
Guy #2: You don't know him? Shame on you!
by KimSungJin November 17, 2011

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