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When talcum powder is inserted into the anus and then expelled into sexual partners face, willingly
Oh go on, give me a flowery seat
by Kim Mitten March 24, 2007
one person in a group goes to take a crap. This sets off a crapping chain reaction that means that everyone else in the group have to follow, one after the other. Also known as a Mud Baton.

'once you plop, you can't stop'
"Dave went for a dump in the pub yesterday, and started off a pringling session that meant we all needed to go
by Kim Mitten April 02, 2007
A multiple homosexual sex act in which one man sqauts on anothers penis with many others looking on.
Man 1: Come and take a seat on The Masters Chair.
Man 2: Why Not.
by Kim Mitten April 12, 2007
When soiling yourself and the resulting fecal matter is smeared over the crack of the buttocks. Fetishized by some as sexual practice.
'Oh god I ran so hard for the bus I got a dirty burger.'
' I paid her £50 for a dirty burger'
by Kim Mitten March 24, 2007
A sexual practice, one partner takes a shit on the others stomach (Boom) the male partner then slaps the penis in the shit (Chicka) before proceeding to rub the penis under their partners nose (Wah Wah)
I had to shower after my ex-boyfriend decided to Boom Chicka Wah Wah
by Kim Mitten March 24, 2007
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