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a character off of star wars, an immensely obese character who catches leia, ties her up and "tries" dirty things...none of which succeed b/c...he's so fucking fat. also a term used for huge lardous people.
kid #1: your girlfriend is such a jabba the hut.
kid #2: yeah...but i love her. but sometimes it's hard to fornicate.
kid #1: ...
by Kim L'Amour October 01, 2006
a really good alcoholic beverage.... particulary good in coffee. best if used in europe.
URGH! I'm tired...i need a mocha with some baileys, bitch.
by Kim L'Amour July 25, 2006
a french word literally meaning High Culture...a.k.a. something that's "supposed" to be really fashionable.
kim: leggings are haute couture?

matthew: i like legs.
by Kim L'Amour October 01, 2006
guys make clans/groups with semi-fantasy like names....they then take pvc pipe, wrap it with some kind of foam...then take duct tape to the whole thing. then they get in their groups, meet up at somewhere (generally parks and backyards tend to work) they then duke it out, whether it be melee or group attacks. it's really actually sort of...pointless.
Super Tough Retard Guy: Hey man, let's go to my house and practice for the guild tourney tomorrow.
Other Guy, Not So Tough: yeah...i forgot my swords...man i really wanted to try out my new spear...vs your dagger?
kim: you guys are fucktards.
by Kim L'Amour July 25, 2006

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