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A brand sold at Aritzia...most famous in my mind for their spandex tracksuits, winter jackets and sweaters. TNA is mostly worn by Japs and now alot of asians. TNA stands for Talula National Athletics. Tna is slightly pricey and it only barely changes its styles each year. It tends to make everyone who wears it look like a clone.
Omg this year the TNA jackets are only $250 and they have magnetic buttons!! I have to get one in brown..

#talula nation athletics #aritzia #jap #spandex tracksuits #tits and ass
by Kim C September 03, 2006
A character from the movie The Grudge.
After Kayako was killed her grudge lived on in the household.
#the grudge #japanese #angry spirit #ghost #haunting
by Kim C September 03, 2006
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