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A) A video game character circa 1999-2004 who goes through many changes between his 2 video games, Through these games he can dodge bullets because of something called bullet time, to put it his way "When your staring down the barrel of a gun time seems to slow down"
B)slang for an outrageous killing of someone
A) Oh, shit its Max Payne, we're all going to die....
B) DUDE! He just Max Payne'd him with akimbo berettas!
by Kilroy Higgins February 29, 2004
Celebrity Chef Gordon James Ramsay
1:Have you seen that episode of The F-Word with Meatloaf in it?
2: Oh yeah, he yells, "goodbye, AAAH!' at the end, haha.
1: Cooking Douche's show is hilarious sometimes
by Kilroy Higgins August 28, 2009

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