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-noun. Hell-bent.
1. A crazy fun person who always has random things to say to brighten the mood.
2. A caring happy individual
3. Anti-Kilrahi
Quotes from Hellbent:

"I swear on Jesus. Jesus Christ and his dad. God Christ. That's a weird name for the Lord to have. Hmm. God Mc.Christ. Ahh that is better. God Christburg. God Christein! Ooooh perfect!"

"I'm really shocked I haven't heard of someone robbing a Mc.Donnalds in a Hamburgler outfit. Then again, a Hamburgler outfit doesn't really make you inconspicuous. Even though i cant remember exactly how he looks. I know he has red hair and he's a raccoon man and he has a big burlap sack full of hamburgers that somehow never fall apart."
by Kilrgrn July 23, 2007
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