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4 definitions by Killgore33

Armpit hair that grows down the side of a fat males body onto the chest.
John weighs 400 lbs and has titburns.
by Killgore33 November 19, 2009
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When you get a smaller weaker person named Wesley and slam him into other people in a moshing fashion.
It's time for a wesley mosh!
by Killgore33 November 19, 2009
1 2
Someone who can't even put one side together on a rubicks cube.
Joe is so dumb he's a rubicks noob.
by Killgore33 November 23, 2009
1 3
When a woman skydives naked and she jumps out of the plane then the man jumps out and screams, "EAGLE FUCK" and screeches like an eagle then swoops down and has sex with the woman.
EAGLE FUCK!!!!!!!!
by Killgore33 November 19, 2009
3 6