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2 definitions by Killerapp1023

An annoying ass person who loves to agrivate the shit out of people and make thousands of points trying to prove that the X-Box systems are the best video game systems in the world.
gayfaggot117 - "X-Box 360 is the best console in the world"
coolman23 - "no, xbox 360 isnt the best console, but it is good"
gayfaggot117 - "Shut Up!!!!! or ill eat ur asshole alive!!!!!!!!!!!"
coolman23 - "man, fuck u, u X-bot"
gayfaggot117 - "i aint an X-bot u piece of shit!"
by Killerapp1023 April 24, 2010
Idiot families and fanboys that beileve that the Nintendo Wii is the best console ever, when it is just a dumbass system with hardly any great games.
i<3wii - "i luv my wii, its the best console evr"
coolman23 - "it really isnt that good of a console"
i<3wii - "gasp! y do u say that??????"
coolman23 - "cuz there are no good games for it"
i<3wii - "well, fuck u, asshole, wii's are awesomeeee"
coolman23 - "no they arent"
i<3wii - "FUCK YOU U DIRTY PIECE OF ASS!!!!!!"
coolman23 - "stupid ass Wii Owners...."
by Killerapp1023 April 24, 2010