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Something couples do in between getting home and making out. Examples include board games, card games, or cuddling while watching TV.
Caelie: You wanna make out?
Steve: We just got home, we need a buffer activity. How about we watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory first?
Caelie: Ok.
by KillerSkorpion April 03, 2014
The feeling you get in the morning after having a really deep discussion with someone right before going to bed.
Jennifer: I woke up this morning with a conversation hangover I think...lol.
Steve: Yeah that will happen when we talk about deep stuff right before bed.
by KillerSkorpion July 15, 2013
an evil baby cow
Dude, your sidcalf is looking really evil today.

Yeah, I'm training him to rule the world.
by KillerSkorpion July 02, 2010
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