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Didier Cohen is another word for narcissist. A joke. For starters he moved from Los Angeles to Sydney to make it big.... which is completely unheard of (Isn't it vice versa) and he is a model who does pose for Australian clothing campaigns but nothing high fashion. He boasts of being in a Dolce and Gabbana campaign but he was only in the background and you could barely see his neck up. He is also a fashion designer for Cotton On which is an embarrassment in itself as the clothing sells for $5 a shirt and the fashion sense is so poor I can't see how they would need a designer. He appeared on Australia's version of 'The Celebrity Apprentice' along with 12 other D-list celebrities that nobody has ever heard of besides Politician Pauline Hanson.
Man: Im Didier Cohen
Woman: No, your just a narcissist
by KillerKatBitch May 27, 2013

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