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Bastardization of gangster. Gankstar is used to refer to those who try to be gangsta, usually white kids from the suburbs. See also wigger. Can also be used as an exclaimation.
Christopher: Yo yo shorty you be lookin' mad fly dawg like hella tight yo!
Carl: What a gankstar, he thinks he's a pimp and the girls walk right by...

James: Holy shit, look what Carl did!
Jessica: Gankstar!
by KillerByte July 27, 2004
No love, No fear, No mercy... To be HardKore is to not give a fuck, and not be phased by bullshit drama. It also brings into effect the "Think before you speak" principle.
When shit's not going your way, keep your HardKore and it's all straight...
by KillerByte June 10, 2004
1. Hooking up with a girl on the side, or using a girl for nothing but sex.

2. A word to describe the girl you keep on the side, just for sex and/or dome; a mistress.

3. A one night stand.
1.) Mike: dude who was that girl in the car with you last night?
Joe: nobody dude, just some bitch I'm using for sideplay.

2.) Raph: Yo dude I saw you and Jackie kiss, is she your girlfriend?
John: Nah, that's just my sideplay chick.

3.) Joe: Dude you like never have a steady girlfriend all I see you do is one night stands...
Steven: Dude, sideplay is perfect. I never have to worry about some bitch being mad at me, I just get pussy.
#hit and run #one night stand #slut #player #pimping
by KillerByte October 30, 2005
Bastardization of the word fuck. It has verbatim meaning, with a light enhancement to it's power. Used in place of fuck where fuck just is not strong enough of a word.
Fem: Look, McDonalds is closed!
John: What the fizzyock?!?
by KillerByte October 18, 2004
having the qualities of something which is gangster, pimp, etc... Ghetto Fabulous.
danielle: hahahhahahahah
me: in florida everyone was all g-fab too
danielle: i wanna be ghetto fab!
by KillerByte March 12, 2005
A phrase of departure, used in good manner. A variation of peace. Translates to good-bye.
John: Yo I'm out
Raph: pete
#peace #bye #adios #petey #late #1 #one #peace out #good bye
by KillerByte January 31, 2006
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