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A whord used by people who unnecessarily pronounce h's in whords starting with 'w' whether or not they have them in the whord. A synonym for weird.
"Brian, now you're just being wheird"
"C'mon that one doesn't even have an 'h'"
by Killerardvark March 26, 2007
An affirmative response that shows extreme agreement.
Do you want to get in a hot tub filled with whiskey and Natalie Portman?

Helz ya!!!
by KillerArdvark June 26, 2006
A fucklaton is the largest amount there can be of any given thing.
Damn, he ate a fucklaton of wings!!!
by KillerArdvark June 26, 2006
A person who can walk into a bar and have his drink before he sits down without ever saying a word.
"That guy had his beer waiting for him at the bar and he just walked in. He is so a Fetting."
by Killerardvark March 26, 2007
When someone uses a word that unnecessarily long or uncommon when a much more common word would have worked in its place.
"You only got the job because of nepotism."

"Yeah, well I don't understand your overvocabulization."
by killerardvark August 01, 2014
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