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1 definition by Killer N

Easily the best of the Halo trilogy. The oters completely suck due to lack of skill, poor storyline, and an extremely offensive and noobish community.
Army of Noobs: GOD I HATE HALO 1! Hey the pistol is cheap, it requires skill to use. We are sick of getting raped!!! Bungie please make a game that requires no skill so we can talk shit to the ppl who have owned us for years.

Bungie Employee: OK! Better yet lets add auto aim and lunging and take away all realistic concepts on our guns, might as well make a secondary main character too. Even better lets make a Covenant double for every weapon and vehicle in the game because thats real unique! Random respawns and cluttered maps should be fun as well. Hmm how else can we make this game even gayer and conform to the noobs' wishes. And after we spend so much time on this well thought out and magnificent multiplayer, lets make a campaign mode! o wait, too bad we only have 10 mins to make it...lets come up with some randomness for a storyline
by Killer N March 17, 2008