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When a person tells their significant other that they need time apart for one reason or another. It happens when a relationship just isn't working out but you are afraid to actually break up so instead you take a break which usually ends in a break up anyways. In some situations it is allowed to see other people but for some it is not so make sure you have a talk about what is allowed and what isn't because you don't want to end up like Ross from "Friends" and cheat on Rachel when he didn't know it was cheating and be forced to read an 18 page letter front and back; causing you to fall asleep and Rachel get pissed that you didn't read all of it. It is the most deceptive term ever!!!

Usually it is the woman's idea to take a break but in my case it was my boyfriend's idea because he felt bad about not having any time to hang out with me... Idk

What do you call this person, are they still your bf or gf???
Do you still talk to them?
Are you now just friends???"
What the fuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!!!
"You slept with her!?"
"But we were on a break!!!!"
by Killer K September 23, 2006

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