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11 definitions by Killer

the act of kissing or performing a kiss like action to another person
(i.e. usually oral sex)
I've heard she's great at planting tulips.
by killer September 16, 2003
also, see massacre or genocide
poaja is a fun word.
by killer January 22, 2004
A popular web cam whore.
Damn, Anwa is whoring herself out via web cam again!
by Killer March 02, 2005
A kid with bitch tits and has a fire crotch.
Damn that viesti is gay.
by Killer April 03, 2003
mixing viagra and extacy together for the biggest rush of your life
i popped some viextacy and damn i felt gangsta
by KILLER March 19, 2003
floor where all those scene kids go to dance
Xtreme scene kid: "dude did you see me on the floor tonite? "

scene kids friend: "no man, no"

Xtreme scene kid: "shit, cos i tore tha floor and all those bitches up"
by killer April 05, 2004
a skillful AVP2 player, kicks Azrael's ass all over port 21,
Assembely's in 15 people, SHAG IT!
by Killer March 03, 2004