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1 definition by Killamanjaronation

1. A man who wears a ring on the bus while trying to impress women who are sitting at least 3 rows behind him.
2.A kid who trys to draw attention to himself and get all the girls to love him because he is new to public school.
3.An absolute reject who can't understand the words." go away" when a woman mentions those words.
1.Ciaron: check out ma ring ladies


Jonathan: Shut up and sit down you GayLord Mongington.
2.Ciaron: shutup you bus wanker (casualy looks around to see if anyone is watching).

Jonathan:Silence Gaylord Mongington.
3. Jermey: hey Lily, arn't i such a cool guy?

Lily: (sigh) no.

Jeremy: hey Lily, arn't i such a cool guy?

Lily: (sigh) no

John:(whisper to person that is sitting next to him) Lord almighty what a gaylord Mongington.
by Killamanjaronation October 27, 2011