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3 definitions by KillaK

A word derived from the words stud and femme used in the lesbian community to describe a woman who is boyish but in a very feminine way. Stemmes usually dress more feminine than their stud counterparts but are more butch than their femme counterparts.

Stemme, however, may be descriptive of how much emotionality and sensitivity a lesbian has versus how they choose to dress.

Stemme falls under the concept of androgyny as does stud, futch (a femme whose a bit butch), butch, soft butch, etc...

As far as femininity goes:

Femme>Stemme>Futch>Soft Butch> Stud
That stemme thinks she's so fly in her eyeliner, faux hawk and cons.
by KillaK September 06, 2012
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puttin it straight for all yall peeps. choe is money, bread, paper.
Cuz i make so much choe when i be dealin.
by killak June 14, 2006
38 23
a female that gets around
ouwe that bitch talk to day day now she a strait RHONDA
by killaK January 11, 2014
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