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The art of spamming, flooding and spelling and grammar mistakes.
On the internet yesterday, NJD chucked a tcgm.
by KillaFish October 15, 2003
A language spoken by few. Comes with varying amounts of spelling and grammar errors
I speak English, gobbledook and tcgm
by KillaFish October 17, 2003
The only drink for Cool people
NJD chugged down some Coolade
by KillaFish October 24, 2003
The art of being a Killa Fish. Also comes under the names of Oarsomeness, Lolarfishies, Killafishies and Spongebob Squarepants.
DGF has a long way to go to reach the state of Killafishiness.
by KillaFish January 04, 2004
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