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A completly BAMF who sleeps with a diffrent woman every night. Usually prostitutes who get their necks snapped after intercourse.
Dude, Steel Axelrod slept with the hooker on 23rd and Juanita, and she was never found again.
by killa1992 May 12, 2010
A female companion who has an exessive amount of pubic hairs, and smells like horse feed. Also has no emotion or satisfaction during sexual intercourse, due to over exsessive intercourse with more than one guy at a time.
(a smelly slut)
the girl who workes at the corner of of avenue Q and Martin Luther King Blvd. Or also known as "The Hairy Scarecrow"
by Killa1992 January 27, 2010
A hooker, or prostitute who gets paid more than $40 to sleep with seven mental institution patients at the same time
I hired a hooker to do a "crazy train" with my inmates.
by Killa1992 January 28, 2010
When someone urinates on another person while they are sleeping.
My mother had a wet dream last night. That bitch shouldn't have grounded me!
by Killa1992 May 04, 2010

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