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A hip-hop artist from Pittsburgh, Cameron Jibril Thomaz also known as Wiz Khalifa has released several albums under the Rostrum / Warner Brothers record label. Originally haling from Minot, North Dakota, Wiz is currently best known for his single "Say Yeah" which features the Alice Deejay instrumental "Better Off Alone".

Wiz Khalifa has released several albums and mix tapes to date:
* Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania (2005)
* Show and Prove (2006), Rostrum - debut album
* Grow Season (2007), Rostrum - mixtape
* Prince of the City 2 (2007), Rostrum - mixtape (2007)
Wiz Khalifa, the face of the Pittsburgh underground.

White Dude- "Hey, I heard that Wiz sared stage with Nas and Ghostface."

Hood Dude- "Chyeaaaaaa."
by Killa brides May 02, 2008

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