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Area code of Polk County in central Florida. Also the largest county in FL.
I'm from the 863. Fuck them other niggaz...
by Killa Cley May 27, 2006
1) Broke
2) Drunk to the point of passing out; heavily intoxicated.
1) You in on this hand? Nah, I'm dead pop.
2) You went clubbing last night? Yeah, I was dead pop.
by Killa Cley May 27, 2006
To get dissed horribly in a rap battle.
In Ether, Nas ripped Jay-Z...
by Killa Cley May 27, 2006
Southern slang for "screwed." Used when something bad happens that's irreversible...
Matt: Who drunk the soda in the frige?
Tony: Fred.
Matt: That was mine...
Tony: Scarred!
by Killa Cley May 27, 2006
Two or more TEC-9 9mm semi-automatic pistols...
Uh oh, here comes trouble. Bring out the geek squad...
by Killa Cley May 27, 2006

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