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The marketing department, if you work in product development.
See you guys later. I've got to go to The Dark Side for a scheduling meeting.
by kilkrazy January 10, 2005
Verb, transitive: "To splash my boots" is a British army expression meaning to go for a pee in the outdoors (on manoueuvres, etc. when a regular lavatory isn't available.) The action of forceful micturation against a tree or similar tends to cause a splashback onto the boots.
I'm bursting for a piss. I'm just off to splash my boots.
by kilkrazy January 04, 2005
Phrasal verb -- "to cool up" -- (transitive or intransitive). It means to improve the cool of something or someone.
This car design is too dull. We need to cool it up.

The candidate is uninteresting. He needs to cool up.
by Kilkrazy August 18, 2004
Someone who is so worthless that the planet as a whole would be better off if he/she was dead, because he/she is consuming food that could go to the starving of Africa.
"??? is a waste of food."
by Kilkrazy June 30, 2004
Japanese adjective meaning horny, sexually arousing or explicit, or sexually aroused. Derived from the sound for the Roman letter H, which is the first letter in the Japanese adjective Hentai
"The etchi magazines are kept on the top shelf."
by Kilkrazy July 01, 2004
Adjective: Describes the appearance of soldiers in the field, who are usually have worn equipment, dirty uniforms, and unofficial additions or modifications of their kit. This makes them look tough and professional. People wanting to imitate that look will batter their new equipment, grow stubble even if they have the chance to shave, and so on.

Derived from 'rough'.
"Are you growing that beard because your chin is cold or do you just want to look more rufty-tufty?"
by Kilkrazy July 02, 2004
Adjectival phrase:

Used when someone running a project or task needs to explain to people he is answerable to, who don't have the skills or knowledge to understand what is going on, that the project is still at an early stage (prototype or rough cut) and will significantly improve in quality of appearance and content by the time it is finished.
This is the initial look and feel which is very rough but we are going to spoodle it all up and make it more betterer before we finish.
by Kilkrazy October 01, 2004
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