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When playing the game Littlebigplanet people will result to H4H (Heart for heart) in order to get a gamer trophy because their lazy. This trophy involves having to get a certain amount of hearts for your levels that you create. When people H4H they will give somebody a heart and ask for a heart in return, basically cheating their way to get a non-existent trophy. H4H levels are usually two second levels with no thought put into them and they overpopulate the good levels so good levels arn't played as much. H4H is hated by everyone who doesn't H4H.
Jack: Dude I finally got the create trophy!!

Bill: Did you H4H?

Jack: Yeah man! It was so easy!!

Bill: You suck.

Jack: But it totally brought my trophy score way up! Now the babes will come crawling to me!

Bill: You still suck, get a life you loser.

Jack: *Whimper*
by Kilagria August 02, 2009

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