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System of government where everyone is equal and all private property is abolished and given to the government. Sounds like a good idea, but it kinda fails when you notice that a doctor is getting paid the same wage as a janitor and you just surrendered all of your power and property to the government, who can do whatever the hell they want with it.
It's amazing that; despite the fact that all attempts at Communism have resulted in failure and often the slaughter of millions of innocent people, people still support its crackpot ideology.

Equality is not the same as fairness.
by Kikira June 13, 2008
A set of beliefs (usually to do with something supernatural) that serve as explanations such as; what made the world, what happens after death and how the world will end.

Unfortunately, even though there are 11,000 religions out there, people tend to judge all of them by the major ones, especially Christianity.
Kyle: Religion is a load of bullshit for the weak minded. All it does is cause homophobia and war and tell people they're going to hell if they don't do what they say. It's a money making scam. Jesus wasn't real and neither is God. Evolution proves it is wrong.
Jake: Dude, I follow Taosim. We haven't started crusades or witch hunts, we haven't killed gays and we don't believe in Hell. As for the God, Jesus and evolution thing, that's really ignorant because you've used religion as a blanket term for "Christianity". What have I done to deserve all this hate? Because honestly I'm getting sick of it and so are all the other non-Christian religious people out there. Check your facts before making up bullshit stories before judging us all by the abrahamic religions. In fact, check your facts on the abrahamic religions too because a lot of stuff you've said about them is bullshit aswell.

Kyle: Yeah well, dipshits like me tend to speak before they think.
by Kikira May 27, 2008

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